Digital Disruption and the Pressing Need for Transformation

World is changing around us. Technological innovation driven by cloud, mobile, social, data and IoT is impacting the way we live, work and play. The pace of technological innovation has increased over the past few years and is accelerating fueled by the innovation created in the digital networks. Current rate of technology innovation is perhaps the most dramatic and disruptive since the industrial revolution. Technologies such as Cloud Computing, Mobility, Internet of Connected Things, Connected Homes and Cars, and Wearables are impacting the way consumers interact with the world around them and this in turn is impacting the very core business models of each business. Consumers in almost all industries are becoming increasing tech savvy and demanding digital solutions from businesses. No organization and business are immune to change any more as changing technologies and consumer behavior are demanding a change and fundamental transformation in how businesses operate in this new normal where change is the only constant.

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