Our Solutions

Creating Smart Solutions for a Connected World

Our Approach


Digital Technologies – Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud  and Internet of Things (IoT), also knows as SMACT –  are disrupting every industry and are impacting the way we live, work and play.

We are creating Smart, Connected solutions that leverage these disruptions to offer new and unique digital experiences to Individuals, Communities, Businesses, Cities and Governments.


Our Solutions


User Centered.  Personalized.  Context-Driven
We are creating user-centered solutions across various domains that connect digital signals across multiple channels to create a unified context.

CollabCubes Digital IoT Platform
CollabCubes is our Digital IoT Platform that connects People, Systems, Things, Data, Apps and APIs to each other. It enables you to build solutions that unify the digital experiences, aggregate the signals and create a unified context across multiple digital channels.  We are leveraging the our IoT platform and working with our device partners to create unique digital experiences for our customers in multiple industries.
Connected Health

Use of IoT and Wearables to track, manage and share holistic wellness of an individual.  Also enables remote patient monitoring, senior home health care and enhances patient experiences while improving quality of health care

Connected Spaces

Use of IoT and Connected devices to automate security, convenience and comfort aspects of homes and buildings. Optimizes energy usage in homes and buildings, while enhancing the quality of daily personal and work lives

Connected Business

Use of IoT and sensors to enhance employee productivity and customer experience. Protects workforce, increases operational efficiency and provides more insight into day to day operations of assets, fleets and personnel